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Let there be lighting


When choosing lighting for my early mid-century house, I considered Rejuvenation, who have been offering quality period lighting for thirty years. I like their products, but was looking for even more classic, streamlined options.

Then I discovered that schoolhouse rocks. Schoolhouse Electric Co., that is. This company, also based in Portland, creates hand-blown glass shades from cast-iron moulds and laboriously shapes brass fixtures to craft beautiful lighting designs reminiscent of those used in schoolrooms, office buildings and homes of the early- to mid-20th century.

I chose fixtures and shades for five rooms (and shot crap photos of them).


Out to eat: Portland – Kenny & Zuke’s

I am quite fond of Portland, Oregon. If you love books, green spaces and weird attractions, take a mini-break to Portland. And the restaurant scene just gets more and more inviting, with cooks and chefs inspired by the Northwest’s bounty of fresh ingredients. As a November 2008 article in Gourmet magazine attests, “There‚Äôs a real sense that Portland today is to the culinary arts what Paris was to the visual arts a hundred years ago.” (!)

Last weekend a quintet of us were in Portland, and in need of brunch. We hoped to taste the southern cuisine of Screen Door, but circumstances prevented us from making a reservation. There was to be a 45-minute wait, and wait we could not.

We were headed to Powell’s anyway, so we went downtown to check out Kenny & Zuke’s delicatessen.

We were not disappointed. With latkes, bagels and lox, it’s hard to go wrong, I say.

And if you go in for a pastrami or a reuben – Kenny & Zuke’s sandwiches do look amazing.