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When maple floors are hiding under the carpet

Some shots of the floor revealing process in our new (old) house.






The cat’s meow


Oh dear, oh dear! I just bought a house and ergo should probably not be looking at shoes. Maybe just one pair of 1940’s style wedgies to match my 1940’s era house?


See more new designs with vintage styling at Remix vintage shoes – the website can be challenging to navigate, but with keen shoes like these, you can forgive them.

with cheeseburgers


Oh how I love this picture. You can go see William Hundley‘s site for more of his photos.

modern mosaic


In bathroom design, I generally prefer very clean, very white subway tile. But this idea is really inspired.

When illustrator and New York Times contributor Christoph Niemann and his wife renovated their bathrooms, they incorporated the most clever tile concept Рabstract mosaics of a pop art piece, an infamous art installation and a New York subway map.

I love this shower surround:


Read about their design process here.

On the rocks


Am delighted with this mid-century Italian ice bucket I found on ebay. I think it’s quite chic. And the double-walled aluminum design helps keep those rocks solid.

I do enjoy mixing cocktails, but sometimes it’s fun to let the guests make their own highball, lowball… or screwball drinks. For this, a stylish ice bucket is a must.

St. Valentine’s Day


Some say the association of romantic love with this holiday, which originally honored the legendary Saint Valentine, began with Geoffrey Chaucer in the Middle Ages. The mass production and popularity of Valentine’s Day cards in the late 19th century may have given way to the commercialization of American holidays… but weren’t they just lovely?



Oops, I did it again


I’ve had designs on these for a few months, walking by every morning on my way to work, gazing at them through the window.

Thank you, John Fluevog, for creating these and then deeply discounting them just for me.