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Women’s votes, women’s voices

A couple weeks ago a dear friend of mine invited a group of us to visit the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma. It’s one of those institutions I’ve been meaning to visit one of these years; I don’t get down to Tacoma very often. They were opening a new exhibit about Northwest women and the suffrage movement, and that piqued my interest.


I’m a thoroughly modern woman, and sometimes take for granted my rights and freedoms. This exhibit is a reminder of the extraordinary women who fought for some of those rights a hundred years ago.

Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices is on view at the Washington State History Museum throught September 27.


Design nerd meets science geek


Yep, it’s a periodic table of typefaces. With Helvetica and Futura prominently placed, as they should be.

But just like chemicals, if you combine the wrong fonts, you’ll be looking at a real mess.

modern mosaic


In bathroom design, I generally prefer very clean, very white subway tile. But this idea is really inspired.

When illustrator and New York Times contributor Christoph Niemann and his wife renovated their bathrooms, they incorporated the most clever tile concept Рabstract mosaics of a pop art piece, an infamous art installation and a New York subway map.

I love this shower surround:


Read about their design process here.

Bitesize dissolution

Facebook is… the best social networking service¬† available, I think. It’s fun (and wastes a lot of time), especially for those of us vain enough to think (hope) that others will notice what we’ve put in our status updates and find it clever.

Recent developments in facebook’s security problems aside, I encountered something in the newsfeed today that bothered me.


When two facebook users who were previously in a relationship split up – unless they’ve modified their settings to prevent it — the shift shows up as a news item for all of their friends to see. Seems to make a significant life change into something pitifully trite.

On the rocks


Am delighted with this mid-century Italian ice bucket I found on ebay. I think it’s quite chic. And the double-walled aluminum design helps keep those rocks solid.

I do enjoy mixing cocktails, but sometimes it’s fun to let the guests make their own highball, lowball… or screwball drinks. For this, a stylish ice bucket is a must.